Sustainability is the process of addressing environmental responsibility, economic development, and social equity in a manner that balances existing demands for products and services with the need to protect and enhance the community's environmental resources. "Sustainable" is an adjective describing those practices that encompass sustainability in their implementation. Sustainable strategies satisfy the current needs of the local community while acknowledging and considering how actions impact future generations and global concerns.

ducks in Falls Park

A Greener Greenville

In 2011, City Council established the Green Ribbon Advisory Committee to advise City Council and City staff on the development of programs and initiatives, including the development of a Sustainability and Climate Action Plan, to reduce the City's environmental impact and distinguish Greenville as a leader in sustainability efforts.

The Green Ribbon Advisory Committee also features the following ad-hoc subcommittees: Energy & Buildings, Mobility, Natural Systems, and Recycling & Waste Management. Read more about their goals, strategies, and tasks (PDF).


EV Charging Stations

To encourage and support the use of low-emission vehicles, the City has installed electric vehicle charging stations in many of its parking facilities. While there is no cost to use the chargers (beyond the regular garage rates), there is a four-hour limit per day.