Recycling in the City of Greenville

#GreenvilleatHome Recycling Tips

If you’ve transitioned to working remotely:

  • Choose recyclable office supplies and supplies made with recycled content for your home office. These may include office paper, stationary, etc. When purchasing printer cartridges, take note of how to recycle them. 
  • Twin the bin in your home office by placing a recycling container beside your garbage container. 
  • You may be buying hand sanitizer, hand soap over- the –counter medications, and even masks. Remember while the plastic bottles are recycle, the bottle pumps, wipes and paper towels are not recyclable in our program.  

While the kids are out of school:

  • Reuse discarded office paper for homemade crafts and other activities
  • Educate children on the benefits of recycling, including opportunities to create homemade recycling containers for bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms, which produce the majority of recyclables in the home. Download one these insightful activities provided by the Recycling Partnership.
Poster: Thank You, Greenville! Our curbside recycling rate is 76%. One Bin, All In

In 2016, the City converted from a manual recycling collection system, which uses people and traditional rear loading vehicles, to an automated collection system, which uses vehicles with robotic arms mounted on the side to pick up and empty the recycle containers. The new system is safer and enables us to be more effective and efficient.

As part of the transition, we replaced our customers' existing recycle bins with new 95-gallon roll carts. The new carts have lids, which keep the materials contained and dry; wheels, which make them easier to get to the curb and much more room for bulky items and plenty of recyclables. More about cart care

New Customers

If you recently moved into a new home, call 864-467-4345 to request a cart and find out what your collection day is. See collection zone map below.